Saturday, October 12, 2013

CSA Week 18. October is here.. & so is the Pumpkin Festival!

Im going to get right to it....  Here is Week 18's  share.. 
Uhmmm.. this was last weeks share...

I couldnt remember exactly why I failed to post last weeks post.. Till I went back & looked at my pictures.. 
  I remember now why I "forgot" to post it soon after I got a picture of it snapped.  

We went to the Huntsburg Pumpkin Festival!!   

 And while we were out in Geauga County, we stopped at Sages Apple Farm  and picked up lots of tasty apples!!   And then we stopped by the Original Middlefield Cheese Coop for some great cheeses!  The Coop is 98% Amish and is run by Amish too.  Best cheese anywhere, bar none! 

They have a Farmers Market there on Saturday until 3pm but we didnt make it for that.. Not that we really needed to.  Last time we were out, we met one of our CSA Farmer's wife there.  We enjoyed a nice chat with her & picked up a few extra organic veggies too!

Its one of our favorite places to stop out in Geauga County for bulk cooking goodies, candies & all manner of things old fashioned & unique!  Like pickled OKRA!  Its right in the heart of Amish country so we ran into a few Amishmen too. 

Yeah, I know.. they're not Amish..  :) 

This is the bounty we came home with after our long day away..  

 We picked up Macoun (McCoon)& Cardinal apples.. a peck of each.. 2 sugar pie pumpkins, 2 sets of hand-towel & plastic bag holders (gifts), 2 bags of pepitas, 2 bags of unsweetened large shred coconut, unsulfered molasses,  4 different cheeses and organic Poblano Peppers that I got at a Farmers Market on the commons in Mesopotamia.  This was the first time I've seen a Farmers Market there.. and we ran into another of our Geauga Family Farmers there..   Its always fun to chat with them for a few minutes.

Then.. a few days later.. M'honeychild C & I stopped at an orchard that is only a couple miles from my house to check on some special apples I was hoping to buy...  They weren't ready yet and neither was this half bushel of Northern Spy apples when we got there.. but the owner walked up as we were talking to his wife with almost a bushel of these babies..  I said I'll take em!   So home with us they went...  

 And so I made Crock Pot Apple Butter...  My very own recipe...  is posted on the SB Canning Website! Nice!  Great website if you're looking for any & all canning recipes! 

 So I made Crock Pot Apple Butter...  And then I made MORE Crock Pot Apple Butter..

 And I made another huge batch of French Onion Soup!!  

I made a few fast dinners... This one is to die for super easy... especially when you cheat like I did this time.
I used canned chicken breast, I pressure cooked some new potatoes, then added cheeses, bagged bacon & fresh onion greens..  Super simple. I posted the recipe previously HERE!

I made 2 Crumble Top Apple Pies..One for M'honey & One for My Neighbor!   The BEST EVER!  
The pie, that is.. So is the neighbor actually!    I'll share my recipe soon! I promise! :)

I also had some zucchini that were needing to be used up.  I had no white flour so I made a couple loaves with Organic Whole Wheat Flour.. It was pretty tasty..   I found out that day that my oven is running REALLY hot!   Like 100° hotter than what the display says... sigh..  There is a work around.. until...

And then sometime after that I had to clean my kitchen... and haul jars, canners, & roasters to the basement..
Whew.. I think I finally got it all done yesterday...  
After I cleaned out my refrigerator.. from top to bottom. 

Now its time to make another masterpiece mess!!   Whats going on in  your kitchen this week?

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