Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dehydrated Cherry Tomato Bites

I've finally got around to making a load of Dehydrated Cherry Tomato Bites today.. 

They are oh so tasty and full of crunchy, salty, tomatoey (is that a word?) flavor!

I'll show you in a minute where all these beautiful babies come from.. but first.. let me share with you how to make these yummies! 

First.. Give them a quick rinse and let them dry..   

Then put them in a shallow bowl and drizzle lightly with olive oil.. and sprinkle a little bit of kosher or Himalayan Pink Sea Salt on them... & zushhh them around a little bit to make sure they all get some of the glory! 

 Then.. After you get them on your dehydrator rack, just take a steak knife & give em a quick slit.. Any 'ol way will be Ok..  just cut 'em in half.. 

Until you have all your trays loaded.  

If you want to.. you can come back & sprinkle a little more salt on them..  I personally like kosher salt myself. 


Then, let them dry...anywhere from 12-24 hours.. It depends upon how juicy they are and how big they are. 
I'll turn mine over a twice.. I dont know if its truly needed, but thats what I do.. 

When you know they're truly dried, they'll be crispy and sooo good.  Pop em in a jar with an air tight lid and they'll last you a good long while.. until one of your kids get a hold of them. 

Before I go.. here is my source for all these beautiful babes.. 

Do you see the hundreds of baby tomato seedlings? 
They reseed themselves every year.. There are hundreds of them! 

I dig them up, I give them away, I just murder them in their beds.. and still they come back, year after year.. 

They take over my little front yard garden..   And then my little Sorta-Grands come try to take over my tomatoes.. But they never can.. Just when you think you've picked all the ripe tomatoes.. 
You find some more...

These plants are HUGE!  I'd be willing to say they probably reach at least 10 feet long..   I just let them fall all over themselves and over the porch rail.. 
And the name of this cherry tomato?  Gardener's Delight!  I planted them once.. and thats all she wrote! 


  1. Love this. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You're welcome!! Thanks for stopping by.. Im glad you enjoyed it. :)