Saturday, August 17, 2013

CSA Week 11

Week 11 is here and its chock full of delicious organic veggies..  Thanks Geauga Family Farms!

Yep... Beautiful!! 
There is a nice healthy bunch of rhubarb, some seriously beautiful and healthy green onions, 
a nice bunch of beets with greens (yum), some gorgeous carrots, and red tip leaf lettuce. 
There is a nice sized bag of brown new potatoes, 3 of the best tasting sweet red peppers, and 2 pints of blackberries.. Double Yum! 
We got another bag of sweet yellow peppers,a small bunch of dill, a pint of mixed cherry tomatoes, a yellow squash, 5 slicing tomatoes & 2 bell peppers. 

What to do, what to do?  We'll have salads with the lettuce, tomato & the red peppers unless I just decide to eat them out of hand.. I already ate the largest one before I had all this stuff put up. :)  They're soo good. 
I think Im going to fry up some onion, potato, & squash in a skillet one of these nights soon.. 
and I may very well stuff those yellow Italian peppers with a sausage cheese mix and grill them. 
Its one of my favorite recipes! 

That leaves the beets, carrots, blackberries & bell peppers.. 
I may can the beets & carrots along with a few other weeks offerings and Im going to give the bell peppers to my daughter.. Maybe I'll stuff them for her first..  

Blackberries.. either a cobbler or Im just going to snack on them.. Love love love Blackberries. 
We're so blessed to have a CSA that has loads of blackberries on their vines. 
We went to the Farm last Saturday afternoon and they were loaded. 
I'll share the Farm photos soon!

I also picked up a Small or Half Share for a friend who is in the hospital.. 
Here is what she got!

She told me to use it or give it to my daughter, whatever I wanted to do with it since she'll be in the hospital & rehab for at least another 2 weeks. 
I'm stealing the corn..<G>  Maybe the eggplant if they'll get in touch with me to let me know if they want it or not.  I'm adding more tomatoes, peppers, and squash to take to them since I know they'll use those.
They got leaf lettuce, and basil too.. The basil smells so good. 

If you're of the praying bent, please keep my friend Cheryl in your prayers.. 
That is something we can all use more of..and she especially needs them. 

Thanks so much & have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Your box is better balanced than many I have seen. There is a lot of good eating here. Have a greatday. Blessings...Mary

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mary! Yes, it is nicely balanced. Our CSA has a cooperative of around 10 Amish farmers & contributors so there is a good chance to get a well rounded share every week. They're really a bunch of wonderful folks as well as talented. Im very happy with this CSA group.