Saturday, August 31, 2013

CSA Share Week 13

Happy Saturday!!  Its a beautiful day here in North East Ohio and I've been out & about today visiting friends and picking up veggie shares.

Here is Week 13's photo of beautiful organic veggies & fruit.. 

This baby was HEAVY!  I weighed it when I got home & it was 30#.   Wow!  I picked up my girlfriend's share which is a small share & even it was pretty full.  I asked the gentleman who was helping me if he was sure he got the right share.  He assured me he did. They were sure bountiful today!  Ok, they almost always are.. but today was exceptionally so.

So today we got grape tomatoes, blackberries, 8 ears of corn, 4 slicing tomatoes, 2 slicing onions,  2 yellow bell peppers, a nice size bag of green beans, a bag of Italian hot peppers and a bag of Italian sweet peppers, 2 green bell peppers, 3 small beets, a bag of fingerling red potatoes, a bunch of bunching onions, a small watermelon, an eggplant, red leaf lettuce and a head of romaine lettuce..  whew!

This week, we're going to enjoy grilling the corn on Labor Day when we have family over to celebrate the day with us..I'm going to stuff the peppers with Italian sausage & mozzarella cheese which is another of our favorites for the grill and add a nice salad with lettuce, tomatoes, & bunching onions.. yum! 
We'll have to slice up that watermelon too.. Yum!
 I'll just add another meat, maybe Country Style Ribs and a Pear Cobbler or Pear Cake Squares and call it a great day!  

Im planning on stuffing the bell peppers & put them in the freezer to eat another day.  They freeze & keep really well in Food Saver Bags.  I never did make those Stuffed Cabbage Rolls I mentioned last week and its on this weeks plan. 

I've decided I have enough tomatoes now that I can make some tomato sauce or a few more jars of salsa..
I still have a few jars of tomatoes & tomato juice from last year in the pantry so I guess I'll see which way the wind blows me when I'm ready. 

 Just as soon as I got this stuff put up, M'honey & I hit the road running to his nieces house to pick pears!
We picked 60# and I'll be busy as a bee soon. 

Im planning making a few different things with these pears.. Im going to have to hurry and make some pear butter with the ones that are already yellow.. I still have a few days to work with the green ones..  I want to try my hand at making Pear Slices in Heavy Syrup that one of my favorite in-laws used to make.  
Wish me luck!  :)  

I hope you & your family have a wonderful and happy Labor Day!

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