Saturday, June 29, 2013

CSA Week 4

Here is todays share..  Week 4 of 20 from Geauga Family Farms

This is a gorgeous bunch of veggies & strawberries..  When I opened the bag, the smell of strawberries permeated the air.  They've beautiful too!
This week I got 2 large heads of red tipped lettuces, 3 kohlrabi with greens, 3 beets with greens, kale, scallions, quart of strawberries, 2 small heads of broccoli, radishes,  a 14oz slicing tomato & a huge head (2.5#) cauliflower..  

I've not gotten all my produce from last week used up but Im planning to this week..   Im going to make the Italian sausage & greens soup with most of the greens, Im planning to ferment this weeks kohlrabi greens then make "like stuffed grape leaves" out of them.   I've been wanting to do that for a couple weeks now but just wasnt feeling up to it..  I think I will be this week.  Crossing my fingers..  Sure hope it works out.  I've never done nor heard of anyone else doing it, but Im gonna give it a shot, either way.

Im going to freeze most of the broccoli (I have several heads lurking in my frig right now) and eat some with my leftover meatloaf today :P .    Im going to make Cauliflower Bisque with the cauliflower & freeze it in individual portions like I will the Sausage & Greens soup..   These are my go to lunches most days if there arent any leftovers needing to be eaten up. 
Im going to slice the kohlrabi to eat raw..  I think I'll boil some for M'honey too.. he thinks he likes them.. <G>  Same with the beets.. he loves them so I'll boil em up..  yum.    Im not into radishes myself but M'honey is..  so I may just serve them to him in a salad or I may change my mind and ferment them. I bet I'd like them better that way..  
So..thats my plan for this weeks veggies..  I think Im gonna eat those strawberries just as they are. They're beautiful. 


  1. that all sounds wonderful. I'd love to see your recipe for the dish like stuffed grape leaves. I love that stuff. I enjoyed your post and look forward to the next one.

    1. Post coming soon on the Stuffed Kohlrabi Leaves.. :)
      Im planning on doing a ferment on the grape leaves & making dolmas with them. I'll be sure to share!

  2. Yes, share your kohlrabi experiment. lol.
    Oh! I forgot to tell you...Lyra keeps going out to the garden and picking the carrots. They're only like an inch to 2 inches long but she LOVES eating them. lol. If only I could get her to eat tomatoes. >.>

  3. Coming up shortly!! That is wonderful news about Lyra loving her carrots! Thats my girl! Remember when we used to eat all the Sugar Snap Peas before we could get them in the house? ;)

    Hmn.. maybe you should try baby tomatoes. ;) Or stuff a tomato with mozzarella cheese, wrap with a basil leaf and put them on an appetizer sword.