Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 5 CSA

Week 5 got here in a hurry!!   I picked up my girlfriend & we went to pick up our CSA Shares   
for this week..My Family Share & her Half Share.

She always says "Oh you got "such & such... I didnt get that."   I laugh & said  "Right.. but I paid 3 times for my share what you did" <G>  You get what you pay for.  

The first year I belonged to this CSA I had a Single Share.. which is enough for one or two people to have enough veggies for 3-4 times a week.  I found that I had veggie envy when I saw what the Family Share boxes contained and what I was missing out on. 
I think it was the OKRA that the Family Shares got that finally broke the camels back.  I decided then & there that next year, I was getting some of that okra.  Unfortunately for me, they didnt grow okra the next year.  lol.    Oh well.. I grew it myself and had a bumper crop.

Back to My Family Share for Week 5 

My Share included a big bunch of lemon basil (I believe), Spinach, Red leaf Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower,
Yellow Squash, Sugar Snap Peas, a slicing tomato, a GIANT Kohlrabi,  a nice large bag of pickling cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, & fingerling carrots.

I stopped by my daughters house & shared some of my bounty with her.. 

I wasnt totally sure about the usability of that giant kohlrabi.. Not too long ago I went to our local grocery store to buy some kohlrabi to snack on and the one I got was about the size of a baseball and it was tough & not sweet or edible at all.   
I wasnt thrilled to see the size of this thing because I was sure all it would be good for was to toss into the compost bin..  but..  I decided I should at least check it out before I did..  

Well.. I have to say.. It was AWESOME!! 
It was sweet & it wasnt woody at all and it was entirely usable!!

I filled up one quart jar of kohlrabi sticks with about 1/3rd of the root and then finished slicing  it entirely and put the rest of it in a Tupperware container to keep the fresh & ready to snack on.  


To the jar, I added 3 sprigs of rosemary & about 5 or 6 cloves of garlic to it.
I added about a teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt and filled the jar almost to the brim with water.

I'm making Garlic Rosemary Pickles, the Fermentation Way with these. 

They've been working for 2 days now... I plan to leave them another day or two, but they're already pretty tasty now. 

I'll share soon some of the other things I've fermented in the last few months. 
Traditional snacking is pretty tasty!!  Yum!

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