Sunday, July 14, 2013

CSA Week 6

So, the weeks are flying by...  and I've not been doing a great job of posting  what Im doing with all my veggies.  I'll be playing catch-up this week.

Here is this weeks CSA Share I picked up on Saturday around noon...

You can tell the season's produce is beginning to change.

I was so happy to see that big beautiful cabbage there in the center.. Im planning on trying my hand at making sour kraut for the first time..   Crossing my fingers & I promise to take you all along when I do.

In the back row are green beans-(will comment about this more in a minute), a nice bunch of basil, pickling cucumbers, and leaf lettuce.. second row: 2 nice slicing cucumbers, a 4# cabbage, and 2 zucchini, front row is a nice slicing tomato, a large onion, a beautiful bunch of rhubarb and a container of blueberries.
I also got a very large yellow squash that I gave away..

And that brings me to the thoughts and opinions about the size of veggies..  I dislike overgrown vegetables, such as that yellow squash not seen.  In my opinion, they're way past their prime and are seedy.  However, those green beans are perfect.. they're small, slim, & amazing!   Im a gardener so I know sometimes its tough to stay on top of your veggies, but that doesnt change my opinion.  I prefer to eat tender, normal sized, vegetables in their prime.  Does that mean Im picky?  Maybe, a little bit.  ;)

Plans for this weeks produce:   Making sour kraut from that cabbage, making true fermented pickles from the pickling cucumbers, I think I'll freeze the rhubarb this time since I  have a slew of bakery given to me yesterday at a party we attended, lettuce, tomato & cukes will go into salads, I think I'll make some pesto with the basil & freeze it, and I may make stuffed zucchini boats with the zukes. Im undecided at the moment.  I've been known to fry up a batch of sliced potatoes with garlic, onion & squashes in them, so that may be what they're destined to be instead.  I'll simply steam the green beans as a side to some meal this week. They're one of my very favorite sides ever!!  The blueberries, we'll just be eating out of hand as a wonderful snack or dessert.

Thanks Geauga Family Farms for a very nice share this week!!

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