Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 5 & 6 and a garden update

The CSA veggies continue to shine..week 5s share included 2 pints of beautiful red raspberries.

Week 5

You don't find raspberries looking this fresh very often.

Are these organic veggies gorgeous what?

Week 6 share was a beaut too.
Good eating right there..  This is the first of the basil to come in our shares this week...  it's hanging upside down drying now.

 Time for a garden update.
 We got our fence up and veggies planted a little later than I would have liked but it seems like we always are 2-3 weeks behind everyone else in our community garden.
 We've got loads of squash plants
 A good stand of both pickling and slicing cucumbers...
 Squash blossoms...
 6 different types of tomatoes and 5 plants of each.. wrapped around a 5 gallon bucket with holes in the bottom for slow constant watering.
 These are 2 rows of black eyed peas..this Southern girl has been missing really good black eyed peas.  Can't wait to get a mess of these in my belly. ;)
 A row of green beans, a row of yellow wax beans and a double row that has beets, turnips, kohlrabi and radishes.
 Lovely dill...it's so pretty.
 Tomatoes are looking healtho
So far.

Fingerling potatoes are in this double row.  They were leftovers from last year's CSA harvest.  I wasn't sure how they'd do since they were pretty shriveled but they are looking great!

Looking forward to the bounty of my labors. 

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