Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Most Beautiful Violet Syrup.. or not.

I was reading one of my very favorite blogs a month or two ago... and Suzy from Chiot's Run http://chiotsrun.com/  was making the most gorgeous syrup from wild violets that were growing in her yard.

I thought to myself, "I can do that!" and proceeded to follow her directions step by step..

Pick wild growing violets where you know they're growing pesticide free...got it..

Pour boiling water to just cover and let steep overnight to infuse the tea with all the rich color and goodness.  Got that too.. 

  And soon after is where my awesome little project took a leave from the awesomeness that Suzy shared with us.  

You add honey to your infusion in a pan and bring to a soft boil on the stove-top for about 30 minutes and let it thicken into a nice gorgeous soft violet colored syrup. 
 Sadly, mine wasnt beautiful.. I used a very dark colored honey, so guess what?  It came out a very nice dark honey color. Haha.. It tastes wonderful though, truthfully. 
  If you're ever inspired, and when I do this again some day, I'll use light colored honey and you'll have what Suzy did.. a beautiful Wild Violet syrup.  

Go check out her blog and her syrup. You'll be so glad you did. 


  1. I intend to play with violets a bit more in Spring. I made a liqueur, it was nice soon after, but didn't store well. Most liqueurs get better with age, not this one. My candied violets were also a bit of a flop. This year.......

    1. Aww.. thats too bad that it didnt store well.. I've never tried to do anything with them before this but I think I'll give it another try this spring.. and maybe try to see what else I can do with them. Its fun either way just in the trying..
      Yes.. this year! :)